I am currently a datascientist at Therapixel working on the project mammoscreen to develop machine learning algorithms to improve breast cancer screening.

I completed a PhD in Machine Learning (2015 – 2018) at Dreem and Image, Data Signal Department at Télécom ParisTech. I worked under the supervision of Alexandre Gramfort and I was also co-advised by Mathieu Galtier and Gilles Wainrib. In summer 2018, I also worked as Visiting Student Researcher at the Stanford University Sleep Center under the supervision of Emmanuel Mignot.

My work focused on the development of machine learning algorithms to process electro-encephalography time series during sleep. The main tasks were the classification of sleep stages and the detection and classification of “micro-events” such as sleep spindles or K-complexes.

I graduated from TUM (2014-2016) and from École Polytechnique (2011-2014) were I developped a strong interest in mathematics, physics and machine learning in particular.